ECE Academy

ECE Academy

The ECE Academy honors alumni who have made a significant mark in any area to which ECE alumni contribute—industry, entrepreneurship, government, academia and scholarship.
The inaugural class was inducted at the celebration of the department’s 100th anniversary on Nov. 6, 2009. Recipients received a medallion in recognition of the honor.

To be eligible for consideration, the nominee must have graduated from UF’s Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at least a decade ago and have made a national contribution in his/her field. Academy members are inducted once per year at the annual Spring Banquet.

2009 Inductees

Ossian W. Drane, BSEE 1909
Received the First Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from UF
Neal Storter, BSEE 1912
Originator of the Gator Mascot
John Atanasoff, BSEE 1925
Inventor of the Digital Computer
Robert Pittman, BSEE 1950
Distinguished Flying Cross Recipient
Don Estridge, BSEE 1959
“Father of the IBM PC”
Robert ‘Gator’ Handley, BSEE 1962
Director of Marketing, Allied/Signal
A. Wayne Bennett, PhD  1966
Former Dean at Clemson and Mississippi State University, Board of Directors of the IEC, ECEDHA and the IEEE Foundation
Manuel Fernandez, BSEE 1967
Entrepreneur, Founder of Gavilan Computer Corp, CEO of Gartner
Leon W. Couch, II, ME 1964, PhD 1968
UF Professor Emeritus and Textbook Author
Victor Zue, BSEE 1968
Director, MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Richard Jaeger, BSEE 1966, ME 1966, PhD 1969
Auburn Distinguished University Professor and Textbook Author
Sachio Semmoto, PhD 1971
Entrepreneur, founder of DDI Corp, eAccess Ltd.
James Spoto, BSEE 1973, ME 1974
President and CEO of Applied Wave Research
Pedro Rustan, PhD 1979
Air Force Colonel, Retired
Christopher Tice, BSEE 1981
Cadence Corporate Vice President and General Manager
Jack L. Kouloheris, BSEE 1982
Senior Manager, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Chris Malachowsky, BSEE 1983
Co-Founder of NVIDIA
Hyung-Kyu Lim, PhD 1984
CTO of Samsung
Mark Adler, MSEE 1985
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Fellow, Mission Manager for the Mars Exploration Rover “Spirit”, and Data Compression pioneer

R. Alan Hastings, BSEE 1985
Senior Design Engineer, TI Fellow, Textbook Author
Lesa Roe, BSEE 1986
Head of NASA Langley Research Center
Paul Suchoski, BSEE 1982, ME 1985, PhD 1986
Entrepeneur, former VP Uniphase, former CEO Optium
Timothy Tucker, BSEE 1988
President, Tucker-Davis Technologies
Chuan Wang, PhD, 1996
Founder & CEO Teleepoch, Ltd
Linda C. Rae, BSEE 1997
Chief Operating Officer of Keithley Instruments