Internships And Co-Op Experiences

Internships And Co-Op Experiences


Undergraduates are encouraged to seek out internships as an opportunity to integrate classroom instruction with practical work experience. Internships must be related to the academic major or career field interest, and conducted under approved industrial, business, institutional, or governmental agency supervision. Positions not acceptable for internship are blue-collar work, technician, data entry, clerical, part-time, etc.  ECE majors are able to earn the maximum 3-credits for an internship/coop experience that is allowed by the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering.

Please note:

  • Internships/Coops work schedule should include 40-hour work-week. The internship/coop experience timeframe should be 10-15 weeks (one semester)
  • If you are completing a traditional COOP(part-time work and a minimum of 6-credits of academic course work), please see your academic advisor to discuss options for registration.

The pre-requirements to receive credit are:

  • Successful completion of EEL3111C (Circuits 1) & EEL3701C(Digital Logic)
  • Sophomore Standing
  • 2.0 cumulative grade point average
  • Work assignment contains electrical engineering design

Requirements for Internship/Coop Credit

  • Submit an offer letter on letterhead & résumé to register
  • Submit a 2500 word (+/- 50 words) Reflection Report (IEEE format, no figures included), a five-slide PowerPoint presentation, and satisfactory employee evaluation
  • Immediate supervisor must approve Reflection Report and complete student evaluation
  • Supervising ECE faculty mentor will review the report, PowerPoint presentation, and evaluation before assigning a grade

Registration Procedures to earn EEL4948 credit

  • Complete the online Request for Internship form. Upload your letter of offer from the company and resume. If the letter does not include job duties, contact your supervisor to obtain an outline of work to be performed for the internship.
  • Submit your online Request for Internship form by the deadline date posted by the ECE Academic Advisors.
  • If your internship is approved for credit, the ECE advisor will register you for EEL4948.
  • Complete internship requirements by the deadline date listed on the course syllabi and canvas page.

Internship/Co-Op credit used to waive summer requirement

The summer hours requirement may be waived for students who complete an internship, research, or study abroad program in the summer term. the requirement may also be waived for military service, documented financial hardship, or other extenuating circumstances. This is a short-form petition. It does require documentation and your major department’s support.
Do not submit the petition until you have completed your internship, research, or study abroad.

Download the Summer Waiver Petition form.

Documents needed to complete Summer Waiver Petition-when using an internship/coop as the exception

  1. Summer Waiver Petition signed by Student and Academic Advisor
  2. Letter of Offer on COMPANY LETTERHEAD- No Exceptions
  3. Employer and/or supervisor evaluation of your time
  4. Submit after completion of coop or internship
  5. Waiver must be submitted semester prior to your graduation semester.