About a month before each semester begins, the Associate Chair begins a process to assign teaching assistants/graders for the coming semester's classes. The list of available TAs/graders includes several groups:


  • Students to whom the Department has made commitments of TA positions.
  • Students who are best-qualified to teach labs or grade for particular courses. These can be graduate or undergraduate students. These come from a list including:
      • Students who have applied by email or through this webpage
      • Recent TA/graders who express interest in continuing
      • Students recommended by faculty
      • Students who have done well in classes needing a TA/grader

Note that in practice, we give significant weight to the preferences of the professors teaching the classes. Some professors recommend their own grad students as graders or TAs. This is often necessary for high-enrollment graduate classes, where only such senior students are qualified. However, students should not expect to fund their graduate programs through teaching assistantships.


Students whose primary language is not English must have a qualifying SPEAK or spoken TOEFL score to teach labs or classes. (55-60 on the SPEAK; 28-30 on TOEFL iBT; see http://ase.ufl.edu/testing.html. Note that students with SPEAK scores of 45-50 or TOEFL of 23-27 can be hired for labs if they take or have taken EAP 5836.)


Grad students are generally assigned 1/2 time if they are being offered tuition waivers. The pay rate for graduate TAs is $17.24 per hour. Students whose sole responsibility is grading, with little direct contact with students, are usually hired as OPS and so do not receive tuition waivers. Such students, including all undergrads, are assigned as OPS. Currently, undergraduate OPS TA/graders are paid $14.50 per hour.


To apply, please complete the form below.