Mar 30 2017 - 1:00pm

You are cordially invited to attend an ECE Seminar hosted by Dr. Shuo Wang, University of Florida

Date: March 30, 2017

Time: 1:00-2:00 PM

Location: 234 Larsen Hall

Where to find us:


Seminar Speaker Dr. Fred C. Lee

University Distinguished Professor

Center for Power Electronics Systems

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Virginia Tech

Energy and Power Electronics


Today, only 40% of the energy is in the form of electrical energy.

According to the US Department of Energy, for a sustainable society,

80% of the energy consumption must be in the form of electricity. This

presents an enormous potential in the development of power electronics

to be driven by such emerging technologies as electrification of our

transportation systems and future electrical power grids, which

effectively integrates various forms of renewable energy sources such as

wind power, solar power and energy storage systems.

Power electronics is the engineering discipline utilized to convert

electrical power from one form to another. The technology is manifested

through increased energy efficiency, as well as higher industrial

productivity resulting from the ability to precisely control the electrical

power for manufacturing operations. According to the US Electric Power

Research Institute (EPRI), power electronics solutions can save 1/3 of

the world’s electrical power consumption. However, the full potential of

power electronics has not yet been realized due to its high initial

installation cost. To realize its full potential, a paradigm shift in power

electronics systems and design practice is eminent. This talk attempts to

capture some of the significant developments and technology trends, as

well as research activities in CPES.



Dr. Fred C. Lee is a University Distinguished Professor and Founder and

Director of the NSF ERC for Power Electronics Systems (CPES). The

CPES Industry Partnership program enables its industry members to

sponsor graduate fellowships and provides the opportunity to direct

research in areas of mutual interest, as well as the ability to access IPs

generated collectively by all industry-funded fellowships on a royalty-free

and non-exclusive basis. To date, more than 215 companies worldwide

have benefited from this industry partnership program. The center has

been cited by NSF as a model ERC for its industry collaboration and

technology transfer, education, and outreach.

Dr. Lee has served as major advisor to 91 M.S. and 81 Ph.D. students.

He holds 80 US patents, and has published 293 journal articles and over

700 refereed technical papers. He has received numerous awards,

including the IEEE Medal in Power Engineering in 2015. His research

interests include high-frequency power conversion, magnetics and EMI,

distributed power systems, renewable energy, power quality, highdensity

electronics packaging and integration, and modeling and control.

He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, an

academician of Academia Sinica, and a foreign member of the Chinese

Academy of Engineering.


You are invited to attend the ECE Seminar presented by Dr. Fred C. Lee, Virginia Tech