A credit-sharing arrangement between the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and several other departments and colleges on campus has been approved which allows qualified graduate students to combine their electrical and computer engineering studies with another field of study thereby earning two graduate degrees simultaneously.  Students must be admitted to both the graduate programs of both departments.


The department has joint degrees with:


The following joint degree programs are only available to current UF students and is restricted to ECE majors. The combined degree programs allow a qualified student to earn both a bachelor's degree and a graduate degree with savings of a tangible number of credit hours. Qualified students can begin their graduate course work while undergraduate seniors, and double count a certain number of credit hours of specific graduation EE courses for both the bachelor's and graduate degree requirements. Seniors admitted into the combined BS/MS or BS/Ph.D. program will be eligible for teaching and research assistantships. The assistantship appointment includes a bi-weekly stipend plus a tuition matriculation fee waiver.