The M.S. non-thesis final examination is a comprehensive test of the student’s knowledge in their declared depth research division and is administered in all 6000 level courses that have a 5000 level prerequisite course. Students can determine which ECE courses offer a MS non-thesis final examination by referring to the research division flow charts in the Graduate Guidelines. Students may complete the final MS non-thesis final exam in either EEL 6562 or EEL 6825 if they are in the process of completing both courses and in EEL 6487. 


The MS non-thesis final exam is a separate assignment that is given in addition to required class assignments/exams. Students must take the MS non-thesis final exam during the semester that they are registered for the appropriate 6000 level ECE course. Professors will determine the format of the MS non-thesis final exam in their course. Some suggested formats include:


  • Take home question(s) about the course and the student’s understanding of the material.
  • Extended project that includes material from the first course.
  • Extended midterm exam which will include material from the first course of the sequence.
  • Take home essay which covers research in breadth sequence.

In case of failure, the exam can be retaken the next time it is offered.


Students must register online in order to take the MS final exam. Online registration opens six weeks prior to the mid-point deadline of the semester.


Students will also be required to complete an Exit Survey during the semester in which they intend to graduate.


Test Registration