Effective Spring 2018, the MS non-thesis final exam format was updated to consist of a 15 minute mock job interview with an assigned faculty member in the ECE department. The exam will be administered each semester and students will complete their mock job interview during their graduating semester.  Students will register for their mock job interview via a registration web form (link below) and will select a preferred research division from which a faculty member will be assigned to conduct the interview.  After the registration period closes, the student will receive a faculty assignment from the ECE Graduate Advisor.  Each student will be responsible for emailing their assigned faculty member to set up a mock job interview.  Interviews will need to be completed before the stated deadline for the semester.


Students will be required to submit a one-page job application cover letter and resume to their assigned faculty member 24 hours in advance of their appointment via email. Students are required to dress appropriately for the “job interview”. Students can contact the UF Career Resource Center for more information regarding appropriate cover letter and resume formats.  The UF Career Resource Center can also provide students with information regarding dressing appropriately for a job interview.


The faculty member will ask questions as deemed appropriate and students will be assigned a pass/fail grade. If a student has deficiencies that result in a failing grade, he or she can schedule another interview with the same faculty member to address those issues.  Students are required to submit a signed MS non-thesis final exam form to the Student Services Office (Larsen 230) by the stated deadline.  Failure to submit this form by the stated deadline may result in delayed graduation.


Registration for the MS Non-Thesis Is Now Open!