Jerry Fossum Book

ECE professor Jerry Fossum has published a new textbook entitled Fundamentals of Ultra-Thin-Body MOSFETs and FinFETs. Jerry G. Fossum is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and a Fellow of the IEEE. He won the IEEE/EDS J. J. Ebers Award in 2004 for 'outstanding contributions to the advancement of SOI CMOS devices and circuits through modeling'. His co-author and former student, Vishal P. Trivedi, is  is a Member of the Technical Staff and a Distinguished Innovator at Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., and a Senior Member of the IEEE. The book covers the basic physics of the two primary device candidates for future mainstream nanoscale CMOS (i.e., the planar FD/SOI MOSFET and the quasi-planar FinFET), including short-channel effects, quantum-mechanical effects, UTB-CMOS performances, and memory applications of UTB devices.