Separate, well equipped student teaching labs are provided for electronic circuits, digital logic, communications, digital design, control systems, power systems, microcontrollers, and senior design. These laboratories are located on the second floor of the New Engineering Building.


Circuits Labs, 248 and 250 NEB, include 25 seats of National Instruments LabView and ELVIS stations and associatesd multi-function I/O DAQ cards. These provide the students with a full compliment of power supplies, digtal multimeters, oscilloscope and a function generator. Students prototype various circuits, and perform voltage, current and resistance network measurements.


In the Digital Logic Lab, 212 NEB, the students will solder together a complete printed circuit board that they will use to program their CPLDs, to explore logic circuits.


The Electronics Circuits Lab, 213b NEB, has Tektronix 4 channel storage oscilloscopes, and Agilent power supplies and function generators to explore both analog and digital electronics. Additionally, each station has a computer for PSpice or Multisim circuit simulations.


The Digital Design and Microprocessors Lab, 281 NEB, has Tektronix oscilloscopes and logic analyzers to explore the numerous functions and abilities of their microcontroller or FPGA development boards.


The Communications Lab, 211 NEB, allows students the opportunity to explore a wide range of both digital and analog communications. This lab is shared with the controls lab that uses Feedback controls systems. Each station is equipped with Agilent spectrum analyzers, frequency generators, mixed signal oscilloscopes, and power supplies. Each computer supports either PSpice, LTspice, or Multisim circuit analysis along with Mathcad and Matlab.


Our Power Electronics Lab, 289 NEB, has 4 LabVolt power stations to explore the principals of transformers and magnetic circuits. Students see the effects that different resistive, capacitive and inductive loads have on a multi-phase power system.  Each station also comes equipped with Agilent mixed signal oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators, and digital multimeters, as well as computers with Pspice, LTspice, MathCAD, and MatLab.


Senior Design Lab 246 NEB, has a variety of all the above equipment that the students use to develop a working product they can patent and sell. They must utilize both analog and digital design as well as software development in their projects. Students get the benefit of experienced consultation from our lab engineers for design advice, power efficiencies, and analog and digital circuit troubleshooting. They learn how to protect their product and intellectual property, and develop a business plan for its manufacture.