The ECE Travel Office is responsible for interpreting and implementing UF Travel Directives and Procedures; originating travel authorizations; processing expense reports; reviewing all travel receipts; verifying funding sources; and handling special travel arrangements for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


When traveling on official university business, your travel must be authorized and documented in advance. A Travel Authorization Request Form (TAR) must be completed and submitted to, even if no travel expenses will be charged to the university (complimentary travel). We recommend that you submit a completed TAR as soon as you know you will be traveling to ensure an approved Travel Authorization (TA) has been established in the PeopleSoft system before departure.


With an approved TA, travelers may prepay business expenses, such as airfare, registration fee and hotel room with a Pcard. Travelers should provide their personal credit card to the hotel upon check in to avoid non-allowable purchases on Pcards. (i.e. meals, mini-bar, room service, movies, internet, etc.)


Important guidelines to keep in mind:


Traveling with laptop and computer/storage devices

Be aware of the UF requirements for securing data when traveling.Go to and search for "Mobile Device Security".


Foreign Travel

All Faculty, staff and students traveling outside the U.S. on official university business must register their travel at the TeamAssist Emergency Assistance Program. After you register, please send an email to with a confirmation of the registration. Your TAR will not be processed if you do not register your foreign travel at TeamAssist.


Fly America Act

The Fly America Act is a federal regulation requiring that all travel funded by Federal Agencies (Fund 201) be on U.S. Air Carriers or flights operated under a U.S. code share agreement regardless of cost, convenience, or traveler preference. It is the Principal Investigator's responsibility to ensure that all flights charged to federal grants are in compliance with this regulation.

There are very specific conditions for exceptions to the Fly America Act. If your travel meets one of the criterea, you must complete the Fly America Act Exception Form. It should be properly documented and pre-approved by the UF Travel Office. An exception request after the fact cannot and will not be approved by the UF Travel Office.


Car Rental

The state of Florida has a contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental.  This contract requires the rental of a compact or less, unless the traveler submits justification, in writing of the necessity for a larger vehicle.  When renting, travelers must go to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental website.  The ECE travel office will also rent your vehicle for you.  Just use the Rental Car Request form below.

When there is no choice but to rent a car from a non-contract vendor, the renter should purchase collision and comprehensive coverage insurance on the rental vehicle through the vendor.




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