FAQ Category: Academics

How do I register for supervised teaching?

Deadlines: Fall-July 2; Spring-November 15; Summer-March 30 Complete the supervised teaching request form: https://www.ece.ufl.edu/academics/graduate/ta-supervised-teaching/ The Faculty coordinator is Dr. Robert Fox. He can be reached by email at fox@ece.ufl.edu. Please use subject line: “Supervised Teaching.”

How do I find information about benefits available to graduate students?

All graduate student health insurance options: http://graduateschool.ufl.edu/graduate-life/student-life/health-insurance GatorGradCare Options for GAs, TAs, RAs: https://benefits.hr.ufl.edu/health/gatorgradcare/. You can also contact via email ECE Payroll Office: payroll@ece.ufl.edu Graduate funding or appointment: Contact the ECE Payroll Office at payroll@ece.ufl.edu

How do I submit my graduate proposal/defense? 

Send email to gradadvisng@ece.ufl.edu with subject line “Graduate Proposal/Defense Request” which includes the following information: Subject line: Graduate Proposal/Defense Request UFID Title of Proposal/Defense Date  and time Location (room)

I have a university petition to submit. Who is the interviewing officer?

The interviewing officers for the ECE Department are Chip Johnson and Nicole Young. Please email the advisor to schedule an appointment to discuss your petition. University Petitions are submitted through the portal on the following web page; https://registrar.ufl.edu/forms.html