The Global Youth Innovation Festival is an international youth event initiated by Peking University, Beijing, China.  The Global Youth Innovation Festival promotes the innovation of young Chinese people as well as attracts young inventors from around the world.  The topic of this year’s event was “Youth, Innovation, and Creation leading the future and embracing the world”.  The judging criteria was based on technology innovation, cultural creation, and youth entrepreneurs. More than 120 teams participated in the contest and 12 finalist teams from 6 countries were invited to the finals held in Peking University. 

The University of Florida team is comprised of five members namely, Dr. YK Yoon of the Multidisciplinary Nano Microsystems group, Dr. Fong Wong of the School of Dental Reconstruction and Sheng-Po Fang (Ph.D. candidate), Todd Schumann (Ph.D. candidate), and Justin Correll (undergraduate).  Sheng-Po and Justin traveled to Beijing, China to present the project titled “Mouthguard for Self-Fitness Monitoring and Head, Heat, and Heart (H3) Related Injuries Prevention” and won the Silver Prize in a televised event on Oct. 25th, 2015.  The competition featured three rounds of judging that narrowed the twelve teams down to three in the final round. 

This past summer, Dr. YK Yoon, Dr. Fong Wong, Sheng-Po Fang, Justin Correll, Troy Templin, and Timothy Ajmani traveled to Anchorage, AK to present the project titled “Multifunctional Smart Mouthguard for Health Monitoring and Intervention” at the International Contest of Applications (iCAN) in Nano-Micro Technologies, June 21, 2015, and found success winning Silver Prize.  iCAN was founded in China in 2007 and became an international event in 2010.  The contest attracts more than 10,000 students from 20 countries and regions all over the world.  iCAN 2016 will be held on July 6-8, 2016 in Paris, France.


In this photo, Sheng-Po Fang and Justin Correll present the H3 Mouthguard in the first round.