With a $50 million catalyst gift from Dr. Herbert & Nicole Wertheim and the Dr. Herbert & Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation, the college has embarked on a $300 million public-private partnership that will leverage support from the state, the university and from private donors, resulting in the biggest transformation in our 105-year history.

The 21st century is teaching us how interdependent we are and what we can accomplish by working together. In a world where technology and innovation are critical to almost every human endeavor, engineers must serve as leaders, driving solutions for healthcare, security and sustainability.

Gator Engineering is poised to lead the next era of technological revolution by preparing a generation of engineers capable of solving global problems, and creating and commercializing the discoveries that will transform the way we live our lives, and perhaps even ‘us.’ 

The New Engineer is:

A leader

Ethical and principled


Grounded in a human-centered approach

Focused on innovation and discovery



A contributor to the economy

A contributor to the global community.

… and we are powering the New Engineer to transform the future. 


For additional information visit: https://www.eng.ufl.edu/about/transformation/