WECE celebrated the arrival of new students with a welcome brunch! It was attended by 40 new students to the ECE department. Delicious food was served and students had the opportunity to socialize and learn about the wealth of support within the organization and the department.

WECE plans several extracurricular activities and social events throughout the year.

The initial objective of WECE was to create a community within the ECE department where women could seek friendship, support, and advice regarding their academic, professional, and personal life. As time changed so had our goals. WECE's new mission: 

to engage the UF community in a more wholesome manner. In order to accomplish our mission we will be reaching out to communities in Gainesville, to communities within UF as well as communities in the ECE & CISE department.This year we plan to provide: · Specialization-oriented outreaches

· Study groups

· Career information

· Exposure to industry role models

· ECE lab tours and presentations by technical interest groups

For more information feel free to visit http://www.wece.ece.ufl.edu.