Fall 2023 Electric-E Awardees

Fall 2023 Electric-E Awardees

The Electric-E Award is most prestigious award granted by the department. To receive the award, a student must have a minimum upper-division grade point average of 3.90 as well as a 3.90 or higher grade point average in all electrical or computer engineering courses.

Nikodem Gazda

  • Completed two internships with high level companies
  • Completed research with Dr. Joel Harley- In the SmartDATA lab, developing an algorithm using SSTDR to correct signal incongruities and detect failures in photovoltaic arrays
  • Student Organization membership: Solar Gators Design Team
  • My favorite memories are while playing intramural and pickup soccer games around campus
  • After Graduation, Niko plans to continue his education by pursuing a Master’s degree.

Emma Geon

  • Completed an internship in the Transmission Planning field
  • Student Organization membership: Solar Gators Design Team
  • My favorite memory as an undergraduate student was going to the Formula Sun Grand Prix with the Solar Gators design team. First Place team
  • After Graduation, Emma plans to work in the Renewable Energy Industry. (DREAM JOB).

Alexander Huynh

  • UPI for EEL3111C- Circuits 1
  • Completed an internship in the Digital Design field
  • Completed research with Dr. Erin Patrick-Cell electric potential modeling in COMSOL

Kendall M. Lennon

  • Completed several internships in the Power Generation and Bulk Power Operations fields.
  • Completed research with Dr. Erin Patrick and Dr. Stephen Hagen-Worked on different projects, including “Construction of a Database of Peripheral Nerve Anatomy for Neural Interface Research” and “Simplification of Finite Element Nerve-Electrode Models.”
  • Student Organization memberships: Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Power and Energy Club
  • My favorite memory was staying up too late completing a MicroProcessors lab with a friend and making candy-filled pancakes after we turned it in.
  • After graduation, Kendall will work in the Power industry.

Ashlee J. Rice-Bladykas

  • Completed Summer Research Program at MIT
  • Completed an internship in Data Communications
  • Completed research with Dr. Janise McNair and Erica Dale
  • Student Organization memberships: Generational Relief in Prosthetics(GriP), Adaptive Audio Team, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE), Eta Kappa Nu, UF Sailing Club, Space Systems Design Club, Myosensor Research Team, and Baker Hughes Pressure Relief Valve project (team Leak IndiGators)
  •  My favorite memory is finishing a Microprocessing lab the night before my wedding
  • After Graduation, Ashlee plans to continue her education by pursuing a Master’s degree.

Kathleen Yang

  • Completed internships in the following areas: Product Marketing, Digital Design, and Electrical Engineering Systems Designs
  • UPI for EEL4712C Digital Design
  • Student Organization membership: Society of Women Engineers (SWE)  
  • My favorite memory was attending several Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Conferences.
  • After graduation, Kathleen plans to work in the FPGA/ASIC design area then return to school to earn her Masters degree.