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Full Name : 
Latchman, Haniph A.
Job Title: 
Building and Room Number: 
NEB 463
Mailing Address: 
463 New Engineering Building, P.O. Box 116130, Gainesville, FL 32611-6130

B.Sc. (1st Class Hons), University of the West Indies, 1981

D.Phil, Oxford University, 1986


Primary Research Area: 
Signals and Systems
Research Statement: 

Control Systems

 - Frequency Response Methods for Analysis and Design of Multivariable Systems in the Presence of Uncertainties

 - Robust Control Systems

 - Analysis and Control Systems with Delays

 - Nonlinear Control Systems


Communication Systems

 - Computer Networks and Multimedia Systems Applications


 - Broadband Powerline Communications for High Speed and Multimedia System

 - Wirelesss Communications and Networking

 - Powerline and Wireless Communications for SmartGrid Applications

 - Converged IP Telecommunications Systems

   . IP Telephone

   . Live Streaming for Global Scale Delivery


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Applications to Engineering Education

 - Effective Teaching and Learning in Traditional and Hybrid Modes

 - Lectures on Demand

 - Asynchronous Learning Networks

 - Physical and Virtual Flipped Classroom Approach

 - Online and Virtual Laboratories

Affiliated Research Area: 
Computer Engineering
Electromagnetics and Energy Systems
Research Interests: 
Mathematical systems theory, control systems, communication theory, data communication networks, multimedia information systems.