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Full Name : 
Rakov, Vladimir
Job Title: 
Building and Room Number: 
NEB 553
Mailing Address: 
553 New Engineering Building, P.O. Box 116130, Gainesville, FL 32611-6130

1983, Tomsk Polytechnic (ranked a National Research University in 2009), Russia; Ph.D., Dissertation: "Development of Techniques for the Determination of Lightning Peak Current Statistical Distributions"; 1977, Tomsk Polytechnic, Russia; MS

Primary Research Area: 
Electromagnetics & Energy Systems
Research Statement: 

Co-Principal Investigator, Lightning Initiation, Propagation, Attachment and Ionospheric Effects, 2010-2014, DARPA, $6,317,714
Co-Principal Investigator, Lightning Research and Testing at Camp Blanding, 2009-2012, NASA, $140,155
Principal Investigator, Lightning: Electromagnetic Environment and Source Parameters, 2009-2014, NSF, $1,279,792
Co-Principal Investigator, Shuttle Lightning Instrumentation Triggered-Lightning Experiment, 2008-2009, UCF, $40,000
Principal Investigator, Further Studies of the Phenomenology and Physics of the Lightning Discharge, Supplement, 2008-2009, NSF, $15,700.40
Co-Principal Investigator, The Role of X-Rays, Gamma Rays, and Cosmic Rays in Lightning Initiation and Propagation, 2008-2009, DARPA, $970,681; 2009-2010 Supplement, $249,500
Co-Principal Investigator, Benchtop Energetics and Ball Lightning, 2007-2009, US Air Force Research Lab EGLIN, $157,838
Co-Principal Investigator, Update Direct-Strike Lightning Environment for Stockpile-to-Target Sequence, 2007-2009, University of California/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, $100,000
Co-Principal Investigator, Development of the Thunderstorm Energetic Radiation Array (TERA), 2004-2009, NSF, $187,473
Principal Investigator, Engineering Analysis of Airfield Lighting System Lightning Protection, 2005, Department of Navy, $38,000.
Principal Investigator, Further Studies of the Phenomenology and Physics of the Lightning Discharge (Accomplishment-Based Award), 2004-2009, NSF, $1,125,000.
Principal Investigator, Triggered-Lightning Testing of the Performance of Grounding Systems in Florida Sandy Soil, 2004-2005, Lightning Safety Alliance Corporation, $80,000
Principal Investigator, Rocket Triggered Lightning Experiment University of Florida, 2004-2006, University of California/Los Alamos, $70,000

Teaching Statement: 

• Lightning, EEL 5490/4495
• Electromagnetic Fields and Applications I, EEL 3472
• Electromagnetic Fields and Applications II, EEL 3473
• Basic Electrical Energy Engineering, EEL 3211
• Surge Overvoltages in Power Systems, EEL 4272
• EEL 4213

Honors and Recognition: 
Fellow of the IEEE, American Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union, and IET (IEE)
Research Interests: 
Lightning, Atmospheric Electricity, Lightning Protection