The 2019 Winter Robotics Workshop will run for 3 weeks, Jan. 21-Feb. 9. The workshop is an intense, hands-on introduction to robotics research and development. Overall, the course will meet the requirements for hands-on competency in the practice of advanced Computer Science/Electrical Engineering skills and academic writing courses in the engineering field. This program is targeted at international students who are seeking a short-term educational experience in the US. Students who satisfactory complete the program will receive a certificate from the ECE Department.

The University of Florida (UF)is now a top ten public university in the US (#8 in latest USN&WR rankings). Two world-class robotics faculty from the University of Florida will be leading this workshop:

The workshop is hosted by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). ECE Chair Dr. John Harris will meet with all the students and discuss future MS and PhD opportunities with the department and university. UF will uses this workshop to recruit top students to the university’s graduate program. The workshop also aims to help international students to learn theoretical knowledge, develop research ideas and skills, and improve their opportunities for successful application to US Graduate Schools. The program provides the opportunity for students to visit MIL, CIMAR, and other UF Research Laboratories. While on campus, students may meet with other faculty and visit ongoing classes and research labs at UF.

Workshop Information

The workshop consists of three weeks of faculty lectures (in total 8 hours per week), hands-on laboratory sessions, faculty-student laboratory interaction and feedback sessions for a total of 8 hours per week. The faculty lectures and robot laboratories will be held at the hotel's conference center. Each student will work on their own functioning robot platform which will be provided by the workshop. Students will take the robot home with them at the conclusion of the workshop. There will be a two-hour laboratory session every afternoon supervised by five teaching assistants and a faculty member, resulting in a ratio of 10 students per workshop staff member. A detailed daily schedule will be available below. Students are expected to study some materials in advance of the workshop, available below.

Cultural Activities

Students will have the unique opportunity to participate in cultural activities including:

  • A welcome luncheon where the students can play basketball and frisbee with the faculty
  • A weekend trip to Orlando for parks and shopping
  • A day trip to the beach
  • A laser tag excursion with the faculty
  • A Chinese New Year celebration luncheon with karaoke for the workshop attendees and staff

There are many international students at UF and many events for students to attend.


During the program, students will be housed in the 3-star hotel assigned by the University of Florida. High-speed Internet access is available in each room and breakfast and dinner are included for each student. Students will have access to on-campus dining options and there are numerous outside restaurants.


Yunxi Qu will help the students plan their transportation to and from Orlando or Gainesville, including bus arrangements to the hotel in Gainesville. At orientation, students will be given a 1-month bus pass that gives them unlimited access to all Gainesville Regional Transit System (RTS) buses for the duration of the program. The hotel will provide shuttle to the campus on weekdays as necessary.


During the program, students’ health insurance is provided.

Program Management and Admission

Yunxi Qu is the contact person for the workshop. She will serve as the program manager and is responsible for student recruitment. Contact her at or yunxi06050720 on WeChat. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact her.


Admission Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • CET-4 500 or TOEFL 70 (if available)
  • Major in Engineering, Automation, Controls, Computer Science or related field
  • Freshman or sophomore standing is recommended but all levels are welcome
  • Students who do not meet the requirements will need an interview (contact Yunxi Qu)

Application Process

Please contact Yunxi Qu for application process, costs and other details. The first round deadline for application is Nov 2, 2018. Please contact Yunxi Qu if you have any questions.

Summer Research Opportunity

As an alternative to the workshop, the ECE department is also offering a summer research opportunity for qualified students. For this case, specific labs within the ECE Department are open for talented students to conduct 6-week research with faculty and current Ph.D. students. Admission is competitive for the research opportunity. Please contact Yunxi Qu for more details.