• Undergraduates are encouraged to seek out internships as an opportunity to integrate classroom instruction with practical work experience. Internships must be related to the academic major or career field interest, and conducted under approved industrial, business, institutional or governmental agency supervision. Positions not acceptable for internship are blue-collar work, technician, data entry, clerical, part-time, etc.
  • An internship is for one term. Students interested in registering for internship credit should meet with their advisor.
  • Students can receive a maximum of one credit hour of internship (EEL4948) and have it applied as a technical elective on their degree audit. The minimum requirements to receive credit are:
    • Successful completion of EEL3111c (Circuits 1)
    • Completion of your freshmen year (first 30 semester hours)
    • 2.0 cumulative grade point average
    • Work assignment contains electrical engineering design


  • Registration Procedures to earn EEL4948 credit
    • Complete Request for Internship form. Attach your letter of offer from the company to the request form. If the letter does not include job duties, contact your supervisor to obtain an outline of work to be performed for the internship.
    • Submit your Request for Internship form and letter of offer to your advisor in the ECE Student Services office.
    • If your internship is approved for credit, the ECE advisor will register you for one credit of EEL4948.
    • Two weeks prior to the end of the term that you are enrolled, complete the EEL4948 Student Work Report form. Have your supervisor complete the Employer's Evaluation Report and return it to the ECE Student Services Office.

Co-Op Experiences

Co-Op experiences are structured programs that last multiple semesters with the same company. To earn EEL4949 (Co-Op Work Experience) credit, contact the UF Career Resource Center for the necessary Co-Op paperwork. The CRC paperwork requires an approval signature from your advisor.  Two weeks prior to the end of the term that you are enrolled, you will need to have your supervisor complete the Employer Evaluation form (available from the CRC) and return it to the CRC.