Travel Policies & Procedures

Travel Policies & Procedures

Updated UF Guidance on Travel

As UF reopens and reengages with other universities, industries, research and instructional initiatives, and governmental agencies, it is to be expected that members of the community will engage in additional travel closely tied to these activities.  Consequently, essential travel directly connected to assigned university duties will be approved by the Dean of a College (or analogous Director in certain units), a Senior Vice President, or Vice President.  At this time and until further notice, Deans and Directors may not delegate this responsibility to Department Chairs.  No travel reimbursements will be issued without that approval. 

Employees are still strongly encouraged to minimize personal travel.

Employees who do travel should inform themselves about restrictions and quarantines either in the areas to which they travel or requirements of the State of Florida and the University of Florida in returning from certain locations.  UF may require returning employees to self-quarantine for 14 days after returning from certain destinations.

Employees are reminded that any international travel must be pre-approved by a Dean (or SVP or VP) and must be registered on the International Center International Travel Registration website  Employees are further reminded that they could find their movements severely restricted in international travel, including re-entry into the United States.

More information regarding these decisions as well as other questions related to COVID-19 are available by accessing these
updated FAQs.

ECE Travel Office
211 Larsen Hall
POB 116200
Gainesville, FL  32611

The ECE Travel Office is responsible for interpreting and implementing UF Travel Directives and Procedures; originating travel authorizations; processing expense reports; reviewing all travel receipts; verifying funding sources; and handling special travel arrangements for the department.

When traveling on official university business, your travel must be authorized and documented in advance. A Travel Authorization Request Form (TAR) must be submitted even if no travel expenses will be charged to the university (complimentary travel). We recommend that you submit a completed TAR as soon as you know you will be traveling to ensure an approved Travel Authorization (TA) has been established in the PeopleSoft system before departure.

With an approved TA, travelers may prepay business expenses, such as airfare, registration fee and hotel room with a Pcard. Travelers should provide their personal credit card to the hotel upon check in to avoid non-allowable purchases on Pcards. (i.e. meals, mini-bar, room service, movies, internet, etc.)

Foreign Travel

All Faculty, staff and students traveling outside the U.S. on official university business must register their travel with the University International Center (UFIC). After registration with the UFIC is complete, please send a copy of the PDF confirmation from the UFIC to ECE Travel, either by email to or by attaching the PDF to your online Travel Authorization Request Form. Your TAR will not be processed without confirmation of registration. In addition, if you are traveling with any UF-owned equipment (laptops, phones, tablets etc.), please submit a Foreign Travel Request with Asset Management to obtain authorization for the item to be taken out of the United States. They will contact you directly with further instructions. For more information please visit the Foreign Asset Travel Request Link at the bottom of the page.

Fly America Act

The Fly America Act is a federal regulation requiring that all travel funded by Federal Agencies (Fund 201) be on U.S. Air Carriers or flights operated under a U.S. code share agreement regardless of cost, convenience, or traveler preference. It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility to ensure that all flights charged to federal grants are in compliance with this regulation.

There are very specific conditions for exceptions to the Fly America Act. If your travel meets one of the criterion, you must complete the Fly America Act Exception Form. It should be properly documented and pre-approved by the UF Travel Office. An exception request after the fact cannot and will not be approved by the UF Travel Office.

Flights of Nine Hours or More

On flights of nine hours or more, travelers/originators may upgrade the class only with approval from the UF Travel Office BEFORE the ticket is purchased. Approval may be obtained by submitting the Travel Exception Request 9+ Hour Flights Form to the UF Travel Office at Please copy our office on your request.

Car Rental

The state of Florida has a contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental. This contract requires that travelers rent a compact car, unless the traveler submits justification, in writing, of the necessity for a larger vehicle.  When renting, travelers must go to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental website. If instead, you would like the Travel Office to make the necessary arrangements, complete the Rental Car Request form below.

When there is no choice but to rent a car from a non-contract vendor, the renter should purchase collision and comprehensive coverage insurance on the rental vehicle through the vendor. The renter should also provide proof (in the form of a screenshot) that no contract vehicles were available at the time of renting.


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