Printing Procedures

The shared ECE printers are provided by Xerox PrintSmart. Please consult with this page for setting up printer devices on your self-managed systems. You must be on campus or connected via VPN in order to send print jobs to these printers.  All users must request a unique accounting code to use the copier (printing, scanning, copying).

Driver Download

Windows users who manage their own machine can simply browse to \\\ from within Windows Explorer to “Connect” a printer to the local workstation, driver installation should be automatic.  A printing code should prompt on your first print and will save for subsequent prints.

For others, if the vendor driver installation attempts to auto-detect the printer for you, simply click the “Gear” icon in Windows or “IP address or DNS” icon in Mac within the driver installer and enter the address manually and select the appropriate model. You may click the icon again to add additional printers before clicking the Install button if the installer allows that.

Macs will need to enter the code on your first print by changing the advanced xerox features available from a print dialog box and saving the settings as a new preset which you can choose for subsequent print jobs.

ECE Printsmart Printers

LocationModelAddressDriver Link
Larsen 216 Copier/Scanner/PrinterXerox AltaLink C8145larcopier2.ece.ufl.eduDriver Download
NEB 536 Copier/Scanner/PrinterXerox AltaLink C8145nebcopier5.ece.ufl.eduDriver Download

Additional Help

For additional assistance, please contact ECE IT Support via the ECE IT Support Request page.