Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers design products and systems that meet the needs of today and tomorrow’s electrical, computer, and electronic systems. Electrical engineers design communication systems; robots for automated factories; aircraft and spacecraft control systems; utility and industrial power systems; and biological/biomedical systems. Now is a great time to be an electrical engineer—a degree in electrical or computer engineering from UF can allow you to pursue a job in almost any industry you can think of. After all, nearly everyone uses electricity and electrical devices. Industries demand skilled professionals to build, repair, and improve these devices. Electrical and computer engineers work in a broad range of industries, including scientific research and development; electrical component manufacturing; power generation, distribution, and transmission; manufacture of navigation controls, medical equipment, and measurement devices; and many more.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is committed to preparing our undergraduate students for the next stage of their careers, whether they decide to continue on to graduate school or enter the workforce. Internships and CO-OPs offer students an opportunity to integrate classroom instruction with practical work experience. Students are able to gain valuable experience in their chosen field prior to graduation as well as earning money that can be used to defray college expenses.

EE Plans of Study by Catalog Year

Electrical Engineering Technical Electives as of Spring 2023

Electrical Engineering Breadth-Depth Chart as of Fall 2023





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