Course Number Name Description Link
EEL3111 CIRCUITS 1 LAB Students learn the fundamentals of DC and AC electronics and perform voltage, current and resistance network measurements to understand the theory. Lab Details
EEL3701 DIGITAL LOGIC LAB Students learn the basics of Boolean logic and the building blocks of a 4-bit ALU computer. Lab Details
EEL4242 POWER ELECTRONICS In this course, students explore buck/boost power circuit topologies, analysis, design, and simulation of electronic circuits such as power supplies, and motor drives.  Lab Details
EEL4712 DIGITAL DESIGN LAB The Digital Design course will review basic concepts in digital logic (muxes, decoders, encoders, etc.) and will build upon these concepts to form complex digital circuits consisting of finite state machines, controllers, and data paths. Lab Details
EEL4744 MICROPROCESSORS LAB Students learn the elements of microprocessor-based systems, hardware interfacing and software design for their application to explore the numerous functions and abilities of microprocessors.  Lab Details
EEL4514 COMMUNICATIONS The Communications course allows students the opportunity to explore a wide range of both digital and analog communication circuits.  Students receive a USB Software-Defined Radio (SDR) to learn theory of communications and applications to radio, television, telephone, satellite, cellular telephone, spread spectrum and computer communication systems. Lab Details
EEE3308 E-CIRCUITS 1 LAB In E-Circuits 1 students learn about analog electronics: various semiconductor technologies and how they apply to diodes and different transistor types, related circuit instabilities, and operational amplifier circuits. Lab Details
EL3211 BASIC ELECTRIC ENERGY The Basic Electric Energy course explores the principals of electric machines, transformers, and magnetic circuits. Lab Details
EEL4657 CONTROLS LAB The Controls course investigates fundamental concepts of control related to unstable closed loop systems and applies them to improving the performance of dynamical systems. Lab Details
EEL3923 DESIGN 1 LAB The Design 1 course covers hardware design concepts and tools used to prepare students for Design 2. Lab Details
EEL4924 DESIGN 2 LAB The Design 2 course utilizes everything that the students have learned in their academic career, with the guidance of the professors and instructors to develop a working electronic product prototype. Lab Details