Computer, Equipment, and Tools Requirements

Computer, Equipment, and Tools Requirements

As Electrical and Computer Engineering majors you will enroll in lab-intensive courses* to complete your degree program. Specific lab equipment and supplies are needed for your success in our lab courses. Listed below is the equipment you will use the most as a student in the ECE Department. Students should also review course syllabi each semester for any updates or adjustments.

Computer Requirements

The minimum ECE computer requirements are listed on the IT Resources page.

Lab Tools

Analog Discovery 2 (REQUIRED)

The Digilent Analog Discovery 2 (DAD) board or the National Instruments Analog Discovery 2 (NAD) are exactly the same internally, with only cosmetic differences in packaging. Board ordering information for the DAD can be found at Board ordering info about the NAD can be found at For those who wish to use financial aid or want it right away, the bookstore may carry the NAD at a slightly elevated price.

Multimeter (REQUIRED)
Soldering Iron (Purchase is highly recommended, but not required. Students need to have immediate access to this equipment)
Additional Equipment

*EEL3000, EEL3111C, EEL3008, EEL3211C, EEL3701C, EEL3923C, EEL4744C, EEL4712C, EEL4924C, EEE3308C, EEE3396C and  EEE4306 heavily utilize this equipment. Other courses may also require this equipment. Please check individual course syllabi for more information.