Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Student Services Office – Undergraduate

Dr. Erin Patrick
EE Undergraduate Coordinator
NEB 229
Nicole Young
Electrical Engineering Advisor
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230 Larsen Hall

Electrical Engineering Advising

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering (HWCOE) places a registration hold on all engineering students to ensure that each student receives personal advising. Each term, students should take action to clear all holds prior to their advanced registration date. Advanced registration is in late March for Summer/Fall, and for Spring, it is in late October.

Freshmen Advising (The first 3 semesters)

All incoming freshmen are advised by the Center for Student Excellence in 204 Weil Hall. To identify your advisor, please visit the college’s website. First-year students are assigned alphabetically to one advisor in this office.
Freshmen should follow the recommended plan of study for the first four semesters as closely as possible, paying special attention to the critical tracking courses (cumulative minimum 2.5 GPA required).

Advising Calendar

Students for the electrical engineering major can see the advisor’s advising schedule by clicking on this link,   Nicole’s Advising Hours Calendar.

NEW Appointment system starting August 23, 2021. To schedule a 15-minute appointment with the EE Advisor, a Microsoft booking application will be used. The link will go live next week.

To add the calendar to your Outlook Calendar, use this link.
Mac and iOS users should use this link (.ics format).

Advance Registration Procedures

Electrical Engineering (EE) majors from Year Two to Year Four will see the EE department advisor, Nicole Young, to clear holds and assist with advance registration and scheduling. During the advance registration cycle, students must see the EE  Advisor either by appointment or walk-in advising (no exceptions). Emailing the advisor is not sufficient. EE Majors will be notified by email via the ECE Advising Corner canvas page when the appointment system opens to schedule a meeting with the advisor.

Students are required to have the Advance Registration Online Worksheet completed before meeting with the advisor. The form can be uploaded to the appointment system when you are making an appointment. If you are designated as a special cohort (AIM, Honors, or Veteran), please send the Electrical Engineering Advisor an email with the possible schedule for the upcoming semester(s) to clear advising holds by the assigned registration time. Students completing an internship, co-op, or study abroad program will are also required to submit a proposed schedule for the upcoming semester(s) to clear advising holds by the assigned registration time.

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