Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students at ECE Florida have many opportunities to participate in research projects being done by faculty members. See below for some recent examples. 

How to Get Started

Students embarking on an undergraduate research experience require the guidance and expertise of a research mentor or faculty member. The best way for students to get started with undergraduate research is to familiarize themselves with the kinds of research going on in the department.

  • start with the ECE Research page
  • Read over faculty/research mentor web pages
  • Create a list of questions about their research
  • Update your résumé
  • Reach out to the faculty member via email. Include your resume, your major, and your expected date of graduation.
  • Include a statement explaining why you are interested in working in their lab/center
  • Ask to schedule a meeting. Provide your availability

After familiarizing yourself with the types of research going on in the department, complete the undergraduate research interest form to connect with the faculty working in the areas in which you are interested.

University of Florida REU Programs

Research Registration Process

As a student, there are both for-credit and non-credit research options. This decision is based on the conversation with your research mentor. The rule of thumb is that 1-credit of work can equal up to three hours in the lab. Students who decide to register for 0 credits discuss with their research mentor the minimum amount of hours they expect you to work. Zero credit is excellent for students who are exploring research opportunities in different fields of interest and labs across the UF Community.

Electrical Engineering majors are able earn up to 4 credits of research. Those credits can count for EE Technical Electives.


  1. Find a possible research opportunity and contact a professor/grad student leading the research.
  2. Using the online form, complete the permission request.
  3. Your research advisor will receive and approve or deny your request.
  4. The ECE Student Services Office will then register you for this class.
  5. Complete your Research!