Department History

Year Event
1909 Department established; First EE degree conferred
1910John BentonJohn R. Benton appointed the First Dean of the College
1911Original Benton HallFirst New Engineering Building completed, later named Benton Hall, on the site of the current Grinter Hall
1914 The Transit Club and the Kelvin Engineering Club consolidate to form the Benton Engineering Society
1928 Graduate programs added to the college of engineering
1919 Steady growth spurs the expansion of Benton Hall—South wing completed, including: woodshop, a forge, and a foundry.
1925John AtanasoffJohn Vincent Atanasoff received his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida, graduating with straight As. He would later invent the Atanasoff–Berry computer (ABC), the first automatic electronic digital computer.
1927Walker HallNew Engineering Building completed, now Walker Hall (mathematics)
1932Blake Van LeerColonel Blake R. Van Leer becomes Dean
?? – 1937 Joseph Weil, Department Chair
1937Joseph WeilJoseph Weil becomes Dean (1937-1963)
1942 Dr. Palmer H. Craig, Acting Chair (4 faculty members in the department)
1945 Dr. Palmer H. Craig, Department Chair
1946 Dr. Fred H. Pumphrey, Department Chair
1951Weil HallWeil Hall completed
1952 Merwin J. Larsen, Department Chair
1965Wayne ChenDr. Wayne Chen, Department Chair (becomes Dean, 1973)
1967 Benton, Larsen, and Black Halls officially dedicated
1973 Dr. Eugene R. Chenette, Acting Chair
1975 Dr. Eugene R. Chenette, Department Chair (becomes Assistant Dean, 1977
1977Don ChildersDr. Donald G. Childers, Acting Chair
1978 Dr. Robert L. Sullivan, Department Chair
1979 Dr. Blake E. Cherrington, Department Chair
1982-831983 Department Directory1982–83 Department Directory
1988 Dr. Robert L. Sullivan, Department Chair
1990Martin UmanDr. Martin Uman, Department Chair
1997New Engineering Building (NEB)NEB completed
2003Mark LawDr. Mark Law, Department Chair (Associate Dean, 2009)
2009John HarrisDr. John Harris, Interim Chair
2011 Dr. John Harris, Department Chair
2022TehranipoorDr. Mark Tehranipoor, Department Chair

Adapted from “A Trip Through Time” by Angela Ventura Medyk, “History—College of Engineering” from The Florida Engineer, and “College of Engineering Timeline”.