Program Goals

Program Goals

In 2004, the Florida Board of Governors adopted a resolution requiring universities in the State University System to devise an Academic Learning Compact (ALC) for each baccalaureate degree program. The ALC is envisioned as a compact or agreement between university and student that will establish a minimum level of competence at the bachelor’s degree level.

The ALC includes three components:

  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLO): what skills each student will acquire
  • Individual Student Assessment (ISA): the evaluation instrument(s)
  • Assessment Criteria: expected level of achievement in the ISA

Program Goal 1

Provide a broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context

Program Goal 2

Instill an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

The courses used to assess achievement of these program goals are:

  • EEL 3000 – Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • EEL 4924C – Electrical Engineering Design 2