ECE Ambassadors

Our Mission

As Ambassadors of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, we aim to be the voice of the student body, bridging the gap between students, alumni, and industry leaders. We strive to elevate the ECE department by promoting professional development opportunities, academic achievements, and research innovations.

What We Do

  • Industry Collaboration: We forge valuable connections between students and the professional world, enriching the ECE community’s career opportunities and industry relevance.
  • Promote Departmental Goals: Through diligent planning, volunteering, and outreach efforts, we advance the department’s agenda, supporting its mission and vision for future growth.
  • Event Organization:  We organize events that foster interaction between faculty, alumni, and students, promoting an academic and professional network.
  • Student Representation: We proudly represent the student body within the ECE department, voicing their interests and concerns.
  • Facilitate Connections: We act as guides on campus for alumni and industry partners, ensuring they have a meaningful and informative experience.

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Current Ambassadors

Jessica Halvorsen
Tyler Senkowicz
Vice President of Student Relations
Ruben Gonzalez-Vera
Vice President of Professional Development
Evan Espino
Julian Maldonado
Chair of Special Events
Chloe Crews
Chair of Social Media and Outreach
Max Banach
Chair of Alumni Affairs
Andrew Cannon 
Paolo D’Alessandro 
Halder Dipal 
Marina Fernandes 
Max Huang 
Jianli Mo 
Samudra Vishal Mukherji 
Doug Plummer 
Aida Damanpak Rizi 
Colin Wishart