Research Center and other Staff

Eric Liebner Engineer I 392-4923
Michael Stapleton Engineer II 392-2727
Faculty Support
Marcy Lee Program Assistant 846-0203
Marcus Moore Administrative Support Assistant II 392-9660
Waleta S. Newman Faculty Support 846-3949
Advanced Computing and Information Systems Laboratory (ACIS)
Grace Hong Research Coordinator II 846-2466
Dina Quinn Administrative Support Assistant II 392-4964
Ron Canepa Systems Administrator/Programmer III 392-5414
Nicholas Rejack Systems Administrator/Programmer III 392-3947
Chris Wilson Systems Administrator/Programmer III 392-3947
Multi-functional Integrated System Technology (MIST)
Shelby Powell Research Coordinator II 294-1096
Nanoscience Institute for Medical & Engineering Technology (NIMET)
Keeley Veatch Research Coordinator I 294-2266
Darlene Brown Research Coordinator III 392-9036
NSF Center for Space High-performance and Resilient Computing (SHREC)
Limor Herb Research Coordinator I 846-3044
Rebeca Castro OPS – Sponsored Project Non-Clerical 294-0486
The Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research
Lesly Galiana Research Coordinator II  294-3945
Nitin Varshney Engineer I 858-405-9793
The Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World
Grace Hong Research Coordinator II 846-2466