Faculty Honors & Awards


IEEE Fellows

Faculty Year Citation
Shuo Wang 2019 For contributions to reduction of electromagnetic interference in electronic systems
Mark Tehranipoor 2018 For contributions to integrated circuits security and trust
W. Kent Fuchs 1995 For contributions to reliable computing
Scott Thompson 2007 For contributions to common metal oxide semiconductor technology for high-volume manufacturing
Jian Li 2005 For contributions to adaptive beam forming, radar imaging, and target detection
Fred Taylor (Emeritus) 2005 For outstanding contributions to high-performance digital signal processing
Vladimir A. Rakov 2005 For contributions to the understanding of lightning discharge phenomena
Sean Meyn 2002 For contributions to stochastic control, dynamic optimization, and control of large networks
Stanley Su 2000
José C. Príncipe 2000 For development of the gamma neural model and for its applications in signal processing
José Fortes 1999 For contributions to the theory and practice of parallel computing
Mark E. Law 1997 For contributions to integrated circuits process modeling and simulation
Peter Zory (Emeritus) 1994 For contributions to the development and understanding of semiconductor and gas lazers
Pramod Khargonekar (Emeritus) 1993
Jacob Hammer 1992 For contributions to nonlinear control and system theory
Ramu V. Ramaswamy 1990
Arnost Neugroschel (Emeritus) 1989 For contributions to materials characterization for transistor and solar cell analysis and design
Martin A. Uman (Emeritus) 1988 For contributions to the understanding of lightning phenomena
Jerry G. Fossum (Emeritus) 1983 For contributions to the theory and technology of silicon solar cells and transistors
Donald G. Childers 1976
Chih-Tang (Tom) Sah 1969

IEEE Centennial Medal

Leon Couch (Emeritus), 1984

IEEE Signal Processing Society

Claude Shannon-Harry Nyquist Technical Achievement Award
José Príncipe, “for fundamental contributions to adaptive learning systems.” 2020

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

IEEE Neural Network Pioneer Award, José Príncipe, 2011

IEEE J. J. Ebers Award in Electron Devices

Mark Law, 2010
Jerry Fossum (Emeritus), 2004
Chih-Tang (Tom) Sah (Emeritus), 1981

IEEE Jack Morton Award

Chih-Tang (Tom) Sah (Emeritus), 1989

Other Fellow Awards

Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

W. Kent Fuchs

Fellow of American Association of the Advancement of Sciences

Jóse Príncipe, 2022
W. Kent Fuchs, 2010
José B. Fortes, (2012)

Fellow, National Academy of Inventors

José Príncipe
Mark Tehranipoor

Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

José Príncipe, 2006 

Fellow of Association for Computing Machinery

W. Kent Fuchs
Mark Tehranipoor

Fellow of Acoustical Society of America

Mark Sheplak, 2009
Donald G. Childers, 1986

Fellow of the International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering

José Principe, 2012

Fellows of Optical Society of America

Ramakant Srivastava, 1999
Ramu V. Ramaswamy, 1991
Peter S. Zory, 1984

Young Investigator Awards

ARO Young Investigator

Domenic Forte, 2016

DARPA Young Faculty Award

David Arnold, 2009
Roozbeh Tabrizian, 2019
Najme Ebrahimi, 2021

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) New Investigator Award

Alina Zare, 2014


Jian Li, 1994-99
William R. Eisenstadt, 1985-90


Jian Li, 1996-99


Faculty Year
Navid Asadi 2022
Swarup Bhunia 2011
Philip Feng 2015
Domenic Forte 2017
Jie Fu 2022
Jing Guo 2009
Sanjeev Koppal 2020
Daniela Oliveira 2012
Ann Ramirez (Gordon-Ross) 2010
Greg Stitt 2012
Roozbeh Tabrizian 2018
Mark Tehranipoor 2009
Shuo Wang 2012
Yong-Kyu “YK” Yoon 2008
Tuba Yavuz 2020
Alina Zare 2014



Mark Law, 1992


Philip Feng, 2019
Domenic Forte, 2019
Daniela Oliveira, 2014
David Arnold, 2008

Other Awards

National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

Chih-Tang (Tom) Sah, 1986

National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

Rudolf Kalman, 1994

American Geophysical Union’s John Adam Fleming Medal

Martin A. Uman, 2001

Fulbright Scholar

Haniph A. Latchman 2001, 2013-2014
Ramakant Srivastava, 2001