What Is Electrical Engineering?

What Is Electrical Engineering?

As this flyer from Texas Instruments makes clear, electrical engineering is an incredibly wide-ranging field, encompassing technology that underlies much of what we take for granted in today’s world.

Electrical engineers study electricity and design electrical systems that solve problems—how to make your smartphones smarter; how to make your refrigerator run more efficiently; coming up with the optimal temperature to heat pizza in your microwave; designing the audio and visual technology that brings movies to life.

How Do You Know If Electrical Engineering Is for You?

  • Do you ask questions like, “How does that work?” or “what if…?”
  • Do you take things apart and then put them back together for fun?
  • Do you like to figure out solutions to problems?
  • Do you like collaborating with others?
  • Do you want to make a real, tangible difference in the world?

If any of this sounds like you, an Electrical Engineering degree is probably for you.

Why Be an Electrical Engineer?

One of the best reasons to be an electrical engineer is that an EE degree makes you imminently hirable in so many fields. Electrical engineering is at the heart of so many exciting career fields right now. From aeronautics to autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence to robotics, biomedical to smart cities—electrical engineering powers it all.