EEL3111 Circuits 1 Lab

Students use the provided Digilent Analog Discovery USB PC tool, which has a suite of the following tools in Waveforms software: Digital Multimeter, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Oscilloscope, and Logic State Analyzer. The lab bench also includes a handheld digital multimeter, a resistor decade box, and wire kit to wire up the circuits. The students receive a small kit of various resistors, capacitors, and ICs for their experiments. Students construct various types of circuits and perform voltage, current and resistance network measurements to reinforce theory. The students also solder their components onto PCBs at the end of the semester, thus soldering irons (Weller WES51) are also provided at lab stations.

Equipment ModelSpecs
Oscilloscope Rigol DS10544Ch. 50MHz 1GSa/s
Function Generator Rigol DG10222Ch. 20 MHz
Digital Multimeter Rigol DM3058E 
Power supply Rigol DP83230V/30V/5V 3A
Soldering iron Weller WES51