Master's Degree--Thesis Option

For the thesis option of a Master’s degree, students must complete at least 30 credit hours, which include a maximum of six credit hours of EEL 6971 (Research for Master’s Thesis). Read More

Master's Degree--Non-Thesis Option

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the non‐thesis option for the Master of Engineering and Master of Science degrees. The non‐thesis Master of Science student is required to do a technical job interview with an assigned faculty member. No final exam is required for students pursuing the non‐thesis Master of Engineering degree. Read More

Ph.D. Degree

For the Ph.D. degree, at least 90 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree are required. These hours include master’s degree work taken at the University of Florida or, if appropriate, up to 30 hours of master’s degree work in ECE earned at another approved university outside UF. Read More

Combination Degrees

A credit-sharing arrangement between the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and several other departments and colleges on campus has been approved which allows qualified graduate students to combine their electrical and computer engineering studies with another field of study thereby earning two graduate degrees simultaneously. Read More