Computer Requirements

Below is a list of minimum and suggested specifications to look for when purchasing a personal computing device to work well for ECE student usage. The specifications shown are a starting point, if you are looking to purchase a device and have questions you can contact an IT worker by sending an email to

 Minimum RequirementRecommendation
OS:Windows 10 Pro or Latest Mac OS
(see note below)
Windows 10 Pro or Latest Mac OS (see note below)
Processor:Intel 8th Gen i5 or i7Intel 9th Gen i7
Memory:16GB RAM16GB RAM
Hard Drive:500GB HD500GB (or larger) SSD
Warranty:3 year w/accident protection4 year w/accident protection and onsite/next day support
Screen:13” (1600×900)(4)15” (1920×1080)(4)
Graphics: Discrete/dedicated (such as NVIDIA/AMD)
Video Conferencing Tools:Functional Mic, Speakers, and CameraHD Webcam and headset with mic
Battery:3hr minimum8hr minimum

Note: Operating systems other than Microsoft Windows are allowed. However, in most cases, a Windows-based operating system will be the best choice since it will be the easiest path towards software compatibility in departmental courses. Mac users will need to be able to run the Windows OS. New M1 Macs may not be able to run Windows software without purchasing some software. Other ARM-based computers may have similar problems.

  1. A physical keyboard and pointing device is necessary. Students should not rely entirely on a touchscreen device.
  2. Wireless A/C standards
  3. UF students are provided a large amount of storage in both Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive for cloud backup.
  4. A touchscreen is not required.