Remote Access – Desktop Share Remotely

All of the following instructions first require you to make a VPN connection to UF using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client and your username will be your full email address for connecting to (you can alternatively use to route only campus bound traffic through VPN).

Below be sure to replace USERNAME below with your gatorlink username. You will need to know either the DNS name or IP address of your workstation on campus prior to connecting remotely, if you need help finding this contact the IT helpdesk at the ECE IT Support Request page.

Windows Remote Desktop Protocol

Access UF Windows desktop from Windows remote PC

  • Run Remote Desktop Connection app on your local Windows machine
  • Computer = Your office desktop’s IP address
  • User name = UFAD\USERNAME

Access UF Windows desktop from Mac remote PC

  • Install “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app from the App Store and run the application
  • Choose Add PC from the Connections menu
  • PC name = Your office desktop’s IP address
  • User account = UFAD\USERNAME

MacOS Screen Sharing

Access UF Mac desktop from Mac remote PC

  • From Spotlight enter “Screen Sharing” and run the app
  • Connect To = Your office Mac’s IP address
  • User Name = UFAD\USERNAME

Access UF Mac desktop from Windows remote PC

  • Note: Screen Sharing must be enabled on the remote Mac (System Preferences -> Sharing) first
  • Download and install a VNC client (RealVNC is one option)
  • Open VNC client and enter your office Mac’s IP address or full host name to connect to
  • Provide credentials when prompted for logging into the remote Mac
  • All screens should display within a single window

NOTE: If you plan to use dual monitors remotely to dual monitors locally, follow the instructions below :

  • Open the Remote Desktop App and click the “Options” button
  • Click on the “Display” tab and tick the checkbox that reads “Use all my monitors for the remote session”
  • Then you can then click “Connect” and both local monitors will be accessible to the Remote Desktop session

Using other methods to remotely connect

Be sure that you abide by main campus policies for computing access if you use a method not described on this page for reaching IT devices on campus from off campus.  The use of applications such as TeamViewer bypass the VPN requirement to the private VLAN space and as such is not an approved method for UF official use.  Reach out to Department IT to inquire on other methods before implementing.