RHN Satellite 6 at UF

[Replace ECE with your Department abbreviation.]

In this example the Organization of ECE has already been created by a Satellite Admin.


Administer → New Location

  • Create at least one location for your Dept
  • Name = ECE

Content → Products → Repo Discovery


  • Enter URL, click Discover
  • Check the “/” Discovered Repository and click Create Selected
  • Product = New Product
  • Enter short Name in “Name” and “Repository Name” fields
  • Click Run Repository Creation

Content → Activation Keys → Create Activation Key

  • Create at least one key for your Dept
  • Name = ECE-Dept (you can also create ECE-Research or ECE-SubUnitName, etc)
  • Check Library
  • Click Save
  • Click Subscriptions tab, then Add
  • Check the items you want assigned and click Add Selected (as a minimum be sure to add Satellite Tools)

Run the following on a network connected RHEL host you want to register with RHN Satellite 6:

curl -O http://satellite.it.ufl.edu/pub/bootstrap.py
chmod u+x bootstrap.py
./bootstrap.py --login admin-ece --organization ECE --location ECE --hostgroup ECE-Dept --server satellite.it.ufl.edu --activationkey ECE-Dept --force --skip migration --skip foreman --skip puppet


Depending on what tools you use you may want to alter the bootstrap arguments as needed. Run the following for more options:

./bootstrap.py help

RHEL8 Hosts will need the bootstrap.py altered or ran with the python path of /usr/libexec/platform-python

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