Approved Use


The service provides either real-time or post processing of recorded virtual meetings for transcription of speech.  The ECE Department has been approved of some use of this service with guidelines that must be followed for Main Campus compliance while used for University business of any kind.


Guidelines for Approved Use

  • Must utilize Business or Pro plan (Free Plan is not approved for use) and use email address for account
  • The meeting organizer must announce will be recording the meeting prior to use per meeting
  • Content recorded must NOT include UF Sensitive Research or UF Restricted Data (Additional info)
  • The meeting agenda must be clearly defined to help determine suitability for usage
  • The meeting organizer must maintain transcripts are kept on UF approved storage (UF Onedrive or UF Dropbox) and deleted from when no longer required
  • The following Account Settings for Meetings must be set as defined below
    • Default audience for shared notes [ Dont Share ]
    • Default permission level [ Viewer ]
    • Allow Collaborators to share [ Off ]
    • Auto-join all meetings [ Off ]
  • Be sure you get approval from your supervisor for this purchase.

Additional Help

For additional assistance, please contact ECE IT Support via the ECE IT Support Request page.