For questions related to purchasing, contact:

Jenny L. Sessions
Fiscal Assistent III
216 Larsen Hall


What we do:

Process requisitions for purchase orders for goods and services.

Process expense orders using a UF Purchasing Card (P-Card).

Conduct web searches to insure best pricing.

Process faculty, staff, and student reimbursements.

Process unencumbered vendor payments.

Receive packages for all orders placed. Process packing slips and route to payables.

Provide support to Department administrators, faculty, staff, and students on purchasing procedures and guidelines.


Helpful hints:

All orders must be accompanied by a Purchasing Request Form.  This form is available in either Adobe or Microsoft Word format:

Purchasing Request Form - Adobe

Purchasing Request Form - MS Word

All items being ordered must be easily identifiable. If a quote uses acronyms or terms that are not commonly known to the lay person, please briefly describe what you are ordering.


If you are placing an order that is greater than $5,000.00, a total of three quotes are required (two competitive quotes, plus the winning or chosen quote). If competitive vendors do not exist for the product(s) you wish to order, please provide a 'single vendor' statement describing the uniqueness of what you are ordering and why it is only available from your chosen vendor.


All quotes must include estimated shipping charges (if they apply).


If you are placing an order that will add value to existing *equipment (with a UF property decal and a value of over $5K), please provide the name of the equipment, the physical location of the equipment (building name and room number), and the UF property decal number.

UF definition of equipment: Unit cost of $5,000 or more with a life expectancy of a year or more.