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Real name: 
Full Name : 
Meyn, Sean
Job Title: 
Professor and Robert C. Pittman Eminent Scholar Chair
Building and Room Number: 
NEB 455
Mailing Address: 
455 New Engineering Building, P.O. Box 116130, Gainesville, FL 32611-6130

 B.A. degree in mathematics,  UCLA, 1982;  Ph.D. ECE McGill University 1987

Primary Research Area: 
Signals and Systems
Research Statement: 
My research focuses on theory and application of control, statistical sciences, and information theory. For the past ten years his applied research has focused on engineering, markets, and policy in energy systems.  He regularly engages in industry, government, and academic panels on these topics, and hosts an annual workshop at the University of Florida.
More information can be found at the lab website, or my personal website.
Affiliated Research Area: 
Computer Engineering
Electromagnetics and Energy Systems
Teaching Statement: 

Research on complex systems requires abstractions, so that we don't become lost in details.  Courses that introduce students to these abstractions begin with signals & systems, control, information theory, ...

Honors and Recognition:
Research Interests: 
Markov processes (with or without control), spectral theory and large deviations; Stochastic approximation, reinforcement learning