FAQ Category: Graduate Academics

When should I contact ECE Registration?

Students should contact ECE Registration when the following issues arise: Second Attempt for EEE & EEL courses: If you have received a registration prompt that says you cannot register because you have previously registered for this course and passed EEL/EEE… Read More

I need assistance with registration for HWCoE courses

Do you need assistance in registering for the following Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering courses: EEL3003, EML3007, EGN6640, EGN6642, and EGS6039? For graduate courses, contact the instructor Undergraduate Courses: Email advising@eng.ufl.edu with the subject line “Assistance with Registration” and the Course Number… Read More

How do I register for supervised teaching?

Deadlines: Fall-July 2; Spring-November 15; Summer-March 30 Complete the supervised teaching request form: https://www.ece.ufl.edu/academics/graduate/ta-supervised-teaching/ The Faculty coordinator is Dr. Robert Fox. He can be reached by email at fox@ece.ufl.edu. Please use subject line: “Supervised Teaching.”

How do I find information about benefits available to graduate students?

All graduate student health insurance options: http://graduateschool.ufl.edu/graduate-life/student-life/health-insurance GatorGradCare Options for GAs, TAs, RAs: https://benefits.hr.ufl.edu/health/gatorgradcare/. You can also contact via email ECE Payroll Office: payroll@ece.ufl.edu Graduate funding or appointment: Contact the ECE Payroll Office at payroll@ece.ufl.edu

How do I submit my graduate proposal/defense? 

Send email to gradadvisng@ece.ufl.edu with subject line “Graduate Proposal/Defense Request” which includes the following information: Subject line: Graduate Proposal/Defense Request UFID Title of Proposal/Defense Date  and time Location (room)