FAQ Category: Registration

The course I want to register for is closed. What should I do?

If the EEE or EEL course is closed, the ECE SSO advises students to continue checking the registration system.  Students are continuously adjusting their schedules.  If the course does not open, select an alternate course to complete your schedule.  

When should I contact ECE Registration?

Students should contact ECE Registration when the following issues arise: Second Attempt for EEE & EEL courses: If you have received a registration prompt that says you cannot register because you have previously registered for this course and passed EEL/EEE… Read More

I need assistance with registration for HWCoE courses

Do you need assistance in registering for the following Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering courses: EEL3003, EML3007, EGN6640, EGN6642, and EGS6039? For graduate courses, contact the instructor Undergraduate Courses: Email advising@eng.ufl.edu with the subject line “Assistance with Registration” and the Course Number… Read More

Where do I find undergraduate announcements for the EE & CpE Majors?

All Electrical and Computer Engineering majors should check their individual Advising Corner on their Canvas page. The electrical engineering majors canvas page is  Electrical Engineering Advising Corner. The undergraduate EE advisor(Nicole) will post all announcements and updates on the EE… Read More