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Monday, Jan. 23


7:30–8:30 Registration (Continental Breakfast)
8:30–9:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks Kent Fuchs, UF President
David Norton, UF VP Research
Mark Tehranipoor, UF ECE Chair
9:00–9:35 Keynote 1: “After Globalization—The Next Semiconductor Paradigm from a Historical Perspective” Wally Rhines, Cornami
9:35–10:00 Coffee Break
10:00–10:20 “Microelectronics and Supply Chain Security” Pauline Paki, DHS
10:20–10:40 “Semiconductor Research: Opportunities and Challenges” Premjeet Chahal, NSF
10:40–11:00 “Power Electronic Materials & Devices: Beyond Si” Travis Anderson, NRL
11:00–11:20 BREAK
11:20–11:40 “Margins, Monitors and Multi-die: Managing Test and Yield in the Late-Moore Era” Rob Aitken, Synopsys
11:40–Noon “Don’t Forget the Package: Establishing Domestic Heterogeneous Integration Capability” Alan Huffman, SkyWater
Noon–12:20 “Shift-Left Shift-Up Electronic Design” Len Orlando, Ansys
12:20–1:30 Lunch Break & Poster Viewing
1:30–2:05 Keynote 2: “The Roaring 20s—A Renaissance for the Semiconductor Industry” Todd Younkin, SRC
2:05–3:30 Student Poster Presentations/Demos w/coffee, refreshments
3:30–4:30 Panel Discussion: “Advanced Packaging, Fabrication & Assurance Challenges” Jack Judy, Moderator
4:30–6:00 Lab Tour at NIMET Jack Judy, Brent Gila


Tuesday, Jan. 24

7:30–8:30 Registration (Continental Breakfast)
8:30–9:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks Forrest Masters, Interim Dean (HWCOE)
Laura DiBella, Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Enterprise Florida
Philip Feng, UF
9:00–9:35 Keynote 1: “Hybrid Quantum Systems – A Bottom-up Synthesis of Novel Quantum Technologies” Mukund Vengalattore, DARPA
9:35–10:00 Coffee Break
10:00–10:20 “Heterogeneous Qubit Integration at the AFRL Information Directorate” Matthew LaHaye, AFRL
10:20–10:40 Molecular Magnetic Quantum Materials (M2QM) – DOE Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) Hai-Ping Cheng, UF
10:40–11:00 “Integrating Quantum engineering Innovation, Research, and Education (InQuIRE)” Philip Feng, UF
11:00–11:20 BREAK
11:20–11:40 “Request for Help: Problems, Ideas and Opportunities” Lok Yan, DARPA
11:40–Noon “Athena: The NSF AI Institute for Edge Computing and Its Research Highlights” Yiran Chen, Duke University
Noon–12:20 “Regional Economic Development: Growing an Advanced System Integration and Packaging Ecosystem” John Allgair, BRIDG
12:20–1:30 Lunch Break & Poster Viewing
1:30–2:05 Keynote 2: “Integrated Nonlinear Photonics for Quantum Science” Kartik Srinivasan, NIST
2:05–3:30 Students Poster Presentations/ Demos
3:30–4:30 Panel Discussion: “Quantum Technologies—Fabrication & Integration Challenges” Philip Feng, Moderator
4:30–6:15 SCAN Lab Tour Navid Asadi, UF


Wednesday, Jan. 25

7:30–8:30 Registration (Continental Breakfast)
8:30–8:45 Welcome & Opening Remarks Toshikazu Nishida, Associate Dean (HWCOE)
8:45–9:20 Keynote 1: “CHIPS for America Program Briefing” Robinson Pino, CHIPS at DOC
9:20–9:40 Coffee Break
9:40-10:00 “Piezoelectrically Transduced Heterostructure Micro-Acoustics” Reza Abdolvand, UCF
10:00–10:20 “Secure EDA Flows for Digital and Analog/Mixed-signal ICs” John Damoulakis, Cadence
10:20–10:40 “Challenges and Opportunities on Reliability and Security Simulation for Advanced 3DIC System” Norman Chang, Ansys
10:40–11:00 Coffee Break
11:00–11:12 “Nanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering Technology (NIMET): Expanding the Use and Impact of Micro and Nanoscale Technology” Jack Judy, UF NIMET
11:12–11:24 “Overview of the NSF IoT4Ag Engineering Research Center” David Arnold, ERC IoT4Ag
11:24–11:36 “Multi-functional Integrated System Technology (MIST) – An NSF I/UCRC” Toshikazu Nishida, MIST Center
11:36–11:48 “Overview of the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World” Swarup Bhunia, Nelms IoT
11:48–Noon “Overview of the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research” Kevin Butler, FICS Research
Farimah Farahmandi, UF
Noon–1:15 Lunch Break & Poster Viewing
1:15–1:35 Southeastern Consortium for Assured Leading-Edge Semiconductors (SCALES)—The Vision Chris Daverse, Daverse Strategies
Mark Tehranipoor, UF
1:35–1:50 SCALES Thrust 1:
EDA for Chiplets, Advance Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration (AP-HI)
Terry Back, Synopsys
Swarup Bhunia, UF
John Damoulakis, Cadence
1:50–2:05 SCALES Thrust 2:
Assurance (test, reliability and security) for AP-HI
Samson Melamed, GLC Technologies
Farimah Farahmandi, UF
2:05–2:25 Break
2:25–2:40 SCALES Thrust 3:
Novel Materials for AP-HI
Philip Feng, UF
Chuck Woychik, SkyWater Technology
2:40–2:55 SCALES Thrust 4:
Innovative Integration and Fabrication Processing for AP-HI
YK Yoon, UF
John Allgair, BRIDG
Chuck Woychick, SkyWater Technology
2:55–3:10 SCALES Thrust 5:
Emerging Technologies
Jinhui Wang, South Alabama University
Peter Cabauy, City Labs
3:10–3:25 SCALES Thrust 6:
Workforce Development
Jinhui Wang, South Alabama University
Jack Judy, UF
Reza Abdolvand, UCF
Navid Asadi, UF
3:25–3:40 SCALES Thrust 7:
Investment & Commercialization & Demonstrators
Chris Daverse, Daverse Strategies
Christophe Bobda, UF
Serge Leef, Microsoft
3:40–4:00 SCALES Next Steps & Concluding Remarks Mark Tehranipoor, UF