ECE graduate and Trendy Entertainment CEO Augi Lye (center) received an outstanding young alumnus award from the university on April 6, 2013. Augi Lye has founded numerous startups with over $20 million in Angel and Venture Capital funding.  His research in acoustical physics and vision processing was the foundation for ToneRite, Accelerond and Trendy Entertainment. As current CEO of Trendy Entertainmnet, Augi oversaw the creation of Dungeon Defenders which climbed to the top 10 sales charts for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Xbox, XBLA, and playstation PSN.  Augi is an active investor and philanthropist in the Gainesville community with over $1 milion invested locally in both private and non-profit organizations including HackerSpace, HackerHouse, Startup Hour and The Gator Incubator.