The UF Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is hosting a workshop and a research program, designed especially for international students. In consideration of the COVID-19 public health crisis, these two programs will be offered online this year—students will work with faculty and teaching assistants (TAs) remotely.

ECE Professor and Chair Dr. John Harris will host an online introduction to introduce opportunities for prospective students to pursue their M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Florida (UF). These programs are perfect for students who are interested in learning more about the U.S. educational environment. These two programs aim to help international students to gain theoretical knowledge, develop their practical skills, and increase their knowledge of American culture.

All students satisfactorily completing the program will receive a certificate from the ECE Department. All participants are very well positioned to be admitted to ECE’s Master’s degree program, provided they complete the application on time and meet the following requirements: TOEFL > 80, GPA > 3.0 and with a related bachelor’s degree. Excellent students will be considered for Ph.D. admission.

Deep Learning Workshop (Aug. 3–21)

Deep Learning is currently the most popular and most powerful machine learning technique. The workshop will introduce the foundations of machine learning technique and is appropriate for students new to the subject. The workshop includes Python-based programming assignments as well as a final project. Overall, the workshop will meet the requirements for hands-on competency in the practice of advanced Computer Science/Electrical Engineering skills and academic writing courses in the engineering field.

The workshops will offer three weeks of faculty lectures (8 hours per week), and hands-on practical sessions (8 hours per week), delivered via the Zoom teleconferencing platform. Students will experience U.S online education and will interact frequently with faculty. Each student will have his/her own TA to help with the course assignments and project.

Workshop faculty:

DL Workshop Schedule – Tentative

Admission Requirements


Please send your CV, English version of transcript,  and English skill test scores (such as TOEFL, IETES, CET-6) to, with a subject line of “Deep learning workshop application _ NAME.”

Summer Research Program

A small number of faculty labs are open for online research in this summer, July 13–Aug. 28. Students will work with ECE faculty and their team for seven weeks. Students successfully completing their project will receive a recommendation letter from their faculty advisors.

Admission Requirements for Prospective Students:

Summer research application:

  1. Visit the ECE Faculty page to find faculty members with whom you would like to work. Each student may choose 3-5 faculty members.
  2. List these faculty member’s names on your CV
  3. Send your CV, an English version of your transcript, and English skill test scores (such as TOEFL, IETES, CET-6) to,  with subject line “Summer research application _ NAME”
  4. Do not send email directly to any faculty member
  5. Admitted Students will be matched to one of the faculty he/she is interested. Results will be sent by email.

Application Deadline:

First round: 03/31/2020, second round: 04/30/2020, final: 05/20/2020

Contact Information

For more information, please contact, or QQ account 729436561.