End-of-Semester Awards Announced at Virtual Spring Banquet

Traditionally, the end of the Spring semester brings the Spring Banquet, hosted by IEEE along with WECE and HKN. The event usually features updates from the department and from students groups, along with some bad puns and a speaker from industry. This year, things had to be done differently—the banquet was delivered via Zoom teleconferencing, sadly, without food and beverages.

ECE undergraduate advisors Nicole Young and Chip Johnson announced the winners of the prestigious Electric E and Computer E awards, given to graduating Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering students (respectively) graduating with a GPA higher than 3.9. This year’s winners are as follows:

Electric E Computer E
Timon Angerhofer Spencer Fleming
Brooke Benzenberg John Hodson
Britton Chesley Benjamin Lassley
Stasiu Chyczewski Jennifer Sheldon
Nicholas Fata Noah Zinn
Katlynne Jones
Andrew Matson
Daniel Shahar

Nicole and Chip also put together a celebratory video for the Electric E and Computer E winners:

In addition, a portion of the ECE Excellence Awards were awarded during the banquet:

Award Recipient
Faculty Excellence in Teaching Greg Stitt
Excellence in Graduate Teaching Barukh Rohode
Excellence in Undergraduate Research Stasiu Chyczewski
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Angela Cook
Excellence in Undergraduate Service Lisa Wick
Excellence: Staff Jason Kawaja

And finally, after a vote by students, these additional awards were virtually presented:

Award Recipient
Best Faculty Joel Harley
Best Staff Michelle Evern
Lifetime Achievement Award Henry Zmuda