Academic Policies

  • Probation
    • A student can be placed on academic probation if his/her university cumulative, upper-division, or departmental
       grade point average falls below 2.00. Lower division students whose pre-professional, critical tracking overall grade point average falls below 2.50 will be placed on academic probation and a hold will be added to their record.
    • When a student is on probation, he/she must complete a probation contract with the ECE Advisor.
  • S/U Grade Option
    • All courses taken at the university to satisfy engineering degree requirements, general education and the writing requirement, must be taken for a letter grade, unless the course is offered only on an S-U basis. Nontechnical electives in the junior and senior year may be taken S/U.
  • C Rule in Pre-Professional Courses
    • As of Fall 2014 the ECE Department requires a grade of C or higher in MAC2311, MAC2312, MAC2313, MAP2302, PHY2048, PHY2049, and CHM2045. An overall critical tracking 2.50 GPA is required to maintain good standing. Only the first two attempts will be considered for admission to or continuation in the ECE Department. An attempt is considered a drop, withdrawal, audit, and incomplete.
  • C Rule
    • A grade of C is required in the following core EEE and EEL courses; EEE3308C, EEE3396, EEL3111C, EEL3135, EEL3112, EEL3472, and EEL3701.
    • A grade of C or higher is required for EEL3923C/EEL4912 and EEL4924C/EEL4913.
    • An overall 2.00 GPA is required in all EEE and EEL courses to graduate with the BSEE degree.
  • EEL4905 and EGN4912- Technical Elective Policy
    • A total of 4 credits combined can count towards technical electives.
  • Exit Survey
    • All EE and CEE graduating seniors are expected to complete the Exit Survey and Employment Questionnaire prior to final exams of the term in which the degree will be awarded. The electronic questionnaire will be emailed to graduating students by the ECE advisor.