Altium Designer Video Tutorials

As a courtesy, ECE Florida provides training documentation and video tutorials for students using Altium Designer. These popular videos, hosted by Senior Design Instructor Mike Stapleton, provide real-world training in plain language.

Training videos are now hosted on Dropbox. Use this link to access the training videos.


Table of Contents
Altium Tutorial with PolyGon Pour
Module 1 Getting Started With Altium Designer.pdf
Module 2 Help and DXP system Menu.pdf
Module 3 Schematic Editor Basics.pdf
Module 4 Schematic Capture.pdf
Module 5 Multi-Sheet Design.pdf
Module 6 Building The Project.pdf
Module 7 Setting Up for Transfer to PCB and Importing Data.pdf
Module 8 PCB Editor Basics.pdf
Module 9 Setting Up The PCB.pdf
Module 10 Global Editing.pdf
Module 11 PCB Design Flow, Transferring a Design and Navigation.pdf
Module 12 Design Rules.pdf
Module 13 Classes and Rooms.pdf
Module 14 Placement and Re-annotation.pdf
Module 15 Schematic Library Editor.pdf
Module 16 PCB Library Editor.pdf
Module 17 Linking Models, Parameters, Library Package and Updates.pdf
Module 18 Routing and Polygons.pdf
Module 19 Output Generation and CAM File Editing.pdf
Module 20 3D Mechanical CAD.pdf